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Energy Efficiency Certification

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Solar Photovoltaic

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Energy Audit

As provided by the Spanish Royal Decree 235/2013 from June 1, 2013, any process of purchase / sale or lease of real property for Public use, Residential or Tertiary sector must be submitted... (+)

Beyond renewable energy, we believe in a new energy model based on sustainability and smart-efficient facilities and we are committed to net balance in conjunction to Near Zero Energy buildings ... (+)

The customized energy efficiency solution for each client, adapted for each specific need. The complete energy audit service consists of: - Monitoring... (+)

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Energy Rehabilitation

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efficient-e Installations & Other Services

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Help Bills

efficient -e offers comprehensive energy refurbishment of existing buildings in order to make them more efficient and sustainable, adapted to current regulations... (+)

Activity License / Environmental Communication / Property appraisals and valuation / ITE / IEE: Technical Building Inspection... (+)

efficient-e helps both companies and householders optimize the energy bill, achieving economic savings while reducing CO2 emissions and their impact on the environment... (+)